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that time when my phone fell on my face—technology 

From this point forward, I promise to give my health 110%. I promise to take my fitness journey seriously. No more “starting tomorrow.” I promise to start “today.” I promise to stay committed, and never get up. It’s time to get serious.


Lake Thun, Switzerland | Jason Pan

Words of Emotion


Drowning. It’s the only word that can accurately describe how I felt over the past year.

The water was coming from literally ever direction possible. The waves just kept coming in faster and faster, I didn’t even want to fight the waves anymore. My body was ready to give up and just drown. I could feel my lungs burning. When something just clicked, I was too young and must have a greater purpose. So I pushed back up from the sea floor and began to swim. The closer that you get to the surface the harder it is. After a very difficult week, I finally broke the surface. I can breath again.

Now all I have to do is get to the shore.



Strange fact: Before she took a sip of Coke, Wendy was nowhere near a beach. #TheMagicOfRefreshment